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Timekeepers to a Nation

1 minute read

Take a trip with me and Avik Arunalok Bhattacharya while we discover the amazing watches of India.

Avik Arunalok Bhattacharya

When you think of watches you might think of the vintage Swiss automatics or Japanese quartz but I was delighted to learn of another area of the world home to many great watchmakers, India. My research lead to me HMT and my quest to learn everything about HMT brought me to photographer Avik Arunalok Bhattacharya. I was looking for images of HMT watches to share with others and outside of Ebay listings or for sale posts there weren't really any high quality ones.

So I decided that I needed to commission my own. I put out a job request that was weird and open ended. Basically just let's take photos of Indian watches, not in a studio or a light box but right where they live. Avik did a great job not only taking and editing the photos but also finding the watches to photograph. Keep on eye on this tag as that is where the series will live.


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